Construction and Traffic

Week of January 7, 2019

  • Tower foundation slated to be poured early in week.
  • About 240 craftspeople on the job site.

Week of December 3

  • Drilling is complete for the tower foundation.
  • Work on 15th Avenue initially scheduled for December is now slated for spring break.
  • More than 200 craftspeople on the job site.

Week of November 19

  • Crew on site totaling nearly 200.  
  • Drilling continues for tower foundation.  
  • Work on east and west grandstands making good progress. 

Week of November 5

  • Work on 15th Avenue and a temporary parking lot near 15th and Agate Street slated to begin after finals in December. 
  • Concrete work continues.
  • Crew totaling 160 on the job site.
  • Drilling for parts of foundation to start in mid-November.

Week of October 29

  • Water line replacement along the west side of Agate Street is underway between 17th Avenue and 18th Avenue. 
  • Traffic, sidewalks and crosswalks will be affected in this area, and detours are clearly marked.
  • Crews are slated to work between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. until mid-November. More information

Week of October 22

  • Concrete work continues.
  • Drilling to start soon for foundation of tower.

Week of October 8

  • Work on concrete pours continues, for both foundation and walls.
  • To minimize impact on campus, work on 15th between Onyx and Agate will take place after finals in December.
  • Around 135 craftspeople working on site.

Week of September 24

  • Crews are continuing with both excavation and concrete pours.
  • Formwork and rebar underway on the northwest corner of the project.

Week of September 7

  • Concrete being poured for foundation.
  • Traffic to continue in area with regular street cleaning.

Week of September 3

  • Excavation continues.
  • Forms for concrete going in.
  • Traffic to continue in area, with regular street cleaning.

Week of August 13

  • Excavation is underway.
  • Work on foundation slated to start in September.

Week of July 30

  • Demolition nearing completion.
  • Excavation slated to begin by mid-week.
  • Tree removal completed.

Week of July 23

  • Demo is continuing until the end of July, in final clean up stage.
  • Excavation, utility and foundation work is slated to begin in August.

Week of July 16

  • Demo is continuing until the end of the month.
  • Excavation, utility and foundation work is slated to begin in August.

Hayward Field design updates will help access, fan experience

The University of Oregon has released updates to the reconstruction of Hayward Field that includes minor changes to the overall design.

Hayward Field construction slated to start June 19

Preparations for the reconstruction of Hayward Field will be ramping up in the coming days, with crews fencing off the site starting the week of June 19.

A small team will begin the inventory process, site preparation and some preliminary salvage work this week, but activity that will affect parking, as well as pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area, will commence next week.

Map and Diagram [PDF]